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Shivaji Maharaj and Vietnam Connection

An epitome of valour, chivalry, and unmatched patriotism, the legendary Maratha King has etched an indelible mark not only in the Maratha history but also in Indian history at large. But what is that one thing that has made him a hero in a far off nation like Vietnam?

Well, many of you will be thrilled to know about the exceptional fame and reverence that an Indian martyr has garnered in a foreign land. We all have heard many a times about the tricky Guerilla warfare.  Shivaji Maharaj and Guirella Warfare are almost synonymous. It is this war technique that has made Shivaji Maharaj immortal even in Vietnam.

Vietnam and Guirilla Warfare

Is the mightier always the winner? Well, the obvious answer might always be a ‘yes’. However, there is this incident in history that has rendered it sheer false. Here, we are talking about the great global power, the United States of America.

After having won several wars and having established herself as the global leader, she had to face palm in front of Vietnam.  A two decade long war between Vietnam and the United States of America finally came to a halt with the former as the winning side.

What is the memoir?

Chhatrapati Shivaji adopted the Guirilla Warfare tactics and had brought the Mughals to a grave defeat. This incident has attracted world acclaim and fame. It has also provided the world a classic blueprint of fighting battles and also winning them with grandeur. The time period between 1954 and 1975 saw the savage war between Vietnam and the USA. The count of the total human loss in these twenty years is massive. Not only this, there was also irreversible damage done to economy and the overall lifestyle. However, adopting the Guerilla tactics came as the ultimate saviour and rendered Vietnam not only successful against the Americans; but also sealed its fate as the ultimate military power in the entire Southeast Asia.

The Vietnamese Bureaucrat and her Indian Encounter

It so happened once that the Vietnamese Minister of Foreign Minister visited India. Here she was taken to pay tribute to the ‘Samadhi’ of Gandhiji in Delhi. She was also taken to the Red Fort. After a while she asked about ‘Samadhi’ of the great Maratha king Shivaji. She was then to Raigadh to visit the Maratha king’s Samadhi. After she extended her heartfelt respect to the great man, the lady picked up a handful of soil from the Samadhi and pursed it up in her handbag. When asked, she respectfully said that, her entire nation holds up Shivaji in high esteem. She also said that, on her return back to her country, she would mix this pure soil from the ‘Samadhi’with that of Vietnamese soil, so that the country would beget sons like the veteran Shivaji Maharaj. She also said that had this great man been born in Vietnam, Vietnam would have been a global leader and been at the helm of fame worldwide.
Shivaji Maharaj Samadhi at Raighad

Owing to the acute respect of Vietnam towards Shivaji, they erected a statue of this Indian warrior in Ho Chi Minh City which is the Capital of Vietnam.

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