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Babasaheb Purandare Books (Part 1)

Title: Raja Shivchatrapati 

Author: Babasaheb Purandare

A best selling book that still continues to be the most popularly read books of its time. A great compilation of various historical events, that narrate stories about the life and work of one of the greatest Maratha Warrior – Shri Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. This book has been written in two parts and contains around 1000 pages. It initiates from those years, when Shivaji Maharaj was yet to be born and then proceeds to his early life, his  fight for ‘Swarajya’ and ends with his final years and death. It has been written in a lucid language that makes it easily understandable by all. In addition, it also contains accurate date, time and place information about incidents, that took place thousands of years ago. This makes it a very good informative source from historical point of view.

Title: Agra

Author: Babasaheb Purandare 

A book that tells the story of Shivaji’s great escape from Agra Fort, where he was kept captive by Mughal king  Aurangazeb. The writer here attempts at addressing children and thereby narrates relevant instances in an appropriate manner that is found highly interesting and engrossing for children of all age groups. Although the book comprises of only 98 pages; it is sufficient to put forth the glory of rich Indian culture, prevalent then, before young minds. It also has some brief historical references of significant events along with the mention of Netaji Palkar, who happened to be the Second Sardar Senapati i.e; Commander in Chief of the Maratha Empire.

Title: Sinhagad 

Author: Babasaheb Purandare 

The book derives its name from a fort named Sinhagad, that is located 30 Kilometers south west of the city of Pune, Maharashtra. This fort stands as a natural witness of many historically significant events and the author has described a few of them in his book. It is a 155 page compilation and suitable for both children and adult reading. Battle of Sinhagad is one of the most vital incidents that took place in this fort. It was fought by Tanaji Malusare who holds a special mention in this book. Besides, the author has also described many other historical figures such as; Netaji Palkar, Narayan maharaj, Udayraj Munshi, Pilajiraje Shirke etc.

Title: Lal Mahal 

Author: Babasaheb Purandare 

This book is a descriptive summary of incidents that took place in Lal Mahal or the famous Red Palace of Pune. It is said that the Palace was established by Shahaji Bhosle for his wife Jijabai and son Shivaji. The book describes incidents related to Shivaji’s childhood and his growing years. The author has also given timely references of Shahaji Maharaj, Jijabai and Dadoji Kondeo in his collection short stories comprising of 133 pages. The book has been written so beautifully that it is still a great attraction for children belonging to different age groups.

Title: Panhalgad 

Author: Babasaheb Purandare 

The book is a compilation of short stories that narrate incidents related to Panhala Fort or Panhalgad that stands 20 kilometers northwest of Kolhapur, Maharashtra. The book comprises of 92 pages that describes number of events and battles that took place in relation to this fort. One of the most significant battles in this regard is the Battle of Pavankhind that holds a significant mention in this book. Historical character such as Baji Prabhu Deshpande – trusted commander of Shivaji also finds a special mention in this book.

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