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Information About Torna Fort

Torna Fort, also known as “Prachandagad,” meaning massive or huge. The hill fort is located in the Pune district with and elevation of 4603 ft, making it the highest fort in district.

Torna fort is of utmost importance as it was the first fort captured by Shivaji Maharaj. It was around 1643 when Shivaji Maharaj had captured this fort at a young age of 17 years. Historians refer to this as the starting of “Hindavi Swarajya.”

Torna fort - Points of Attractions: 

The structure of the fort traces back to the 13th century architecture. Because of its remarkable elevation, the fort is unique in itself and has always been a great attraction for tourists.

Some people believe that the fort had many trees of the type ”Toran” and therefore was named Torna Fort.

  • Toranjai and Menghai: The fort has two important temples where goddess Toranjai and goddess Menghai are worshipped. The temples have simple yet remarkable construction that can give a sense of solace to people who spend some time in these temples. Some visitors also plan a stay in the ‘Menghai’ temple to experience the real beauty and peace of the environment. 

  • Two major “Machi”: Machi is the Marathi word for wings. The fort has two major wings known as ‘Zunzar Machi’and ‘Budhala Machi’.
    Budhala Machi
     Out of the two, ‘Budhala Machi’ has been described as a breadth taking site to witness. ‘Budhla’ means vessel and the structure of the ‘Machi’ is such that it appears to be a vessel placed upside down. Some although refer to it as a rocky structure appearing as a thumb held up.
    Zunjar Machi
    ‘Zunjar Machi’ had also been a beautiful spot. However, in recent times this part has been considerably destroyed and the route leading to the ‘Machi’ is not in good condition; thus making it a difficult destination to reach. 
    Konkan Darwaza

  • Binicha Darwaza and Konkan Darwaza: This serves as one of the main entrance to the fort from northwest direction. Moving a short distance ahead, we reach another important gate way known as the ‘Kothi Darwaza’. On the other hand, ‘Konkan darwaza’ leads us to the ‘Budhala Machi’. 
    Kothi Darwaza

  • Kothi Darwaza: It is an east facing gate that leads us to the Toranjai temple. This area is seen to have nothing much that few guardrooms and other store houses. However, the ‘Kothi Darwaza’ can also lead us to the Hanuman Bastion. 
    Hanuman Bastion

  • Hanuman Bastion: One of the most popular spots within the fort is the Hanuman idol facing south. This is yet another remarkable architectural beauty to witness in the premises. 
The fort is around 60KM away from the main city of Pune. In order to reach the fort visitors need to be in the Velhe village or the Rajgad Fort. The route through Velhe opens to ‘Bini darwazaa’ and ‘Rajgad’ route leads to ‘Budhala Machi’.

Due to its magnificent height and structure, the fort is better suited for experienced trekkers as far as trekking and adventure within the fort is concerned. However, from tourist point of view, it is definitely a must visit fort.

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