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Essay on Jijabai

Essay on Rajmata Jijabai

Jijabai or Rajmata Jijabai, as she was fondly called, was an influential figure in the medieval period of Indian history. She was born on January 12, 1598 in Sindkhed, Maharashtra in a family of the Yadava dynasty of Devagiri. Her mother was Malasa Bai, and father, Lakhoji Jadhavrao, who was a Hindu chieftain and a general in Nizam Shah's army stationed in Ahmednagar.

Married Life

She was married at an early age to Shahajiraje Bhosale, a Maratha chieftain at the court of Nizam Shah. Soon after her marriage, she shifted to Pune with her husband when he was handed over the jagir of Pune and Supa by Nizam Shah.

During those days, Pune used to be a barren land full of jungles and wild animals. Despite this, she encouraged her people to settle down and start cultivation. She started her stint in Pune by renovating the Kasaba Ganapati temple. She didn't long for her pre-marriage life, which was full of luxuries and instead accepted Pune as her new home.

Inspirational and an ideal mother

She gave birth to eight children, out of which all the six daughters died in infancy, and only two sons – Sambhaji and Shivaji survived. Sambhaji was the elder son, who would accompany his father on various expeditions. Shivaji, being the younger stayed with his mother.

She brought up Shivaji with good morals and instigated in him the desire of a free Hindu state or Swarajya from a very young age. Under her guidance and inspiration, Shivaji took the oath of Swarajya and became a leader of a small army at the age of 15.

An avenger, efficient administrator, and patriotic

She was the brain behind avenging the death her elder son, who was killed by Afzal Khan during a military expedition in Karnataka. She knew that the Afzal Khan would not stop until he has eliminated all the members of her family. And when Afzal Khan called Shivaji under the guise of meeting, she was aware that Shivaji would either be killed or imprisoned for a lifetime. She then advised Shivaji to go prepared and avenge the death of his brother by killing Afzal Khan. And History knows what happened during the meeting.

Jijamata was very much interested in the welfare of her kingdom. She used to take an active interest in every socio-political affairs and would give her decisions on major issues. She also inspired her father and husband to give up serving Mughals and establish an independent state. She just wanted to drive away the invaders from Maharashtra and build a Maratha empire. During those days, there was some misunderstanding between two the clans of Marathas – the Jadhavs and Bhosales. Her advice helped her father resolve the differences and unite both the clans. It was she who told her father that if Marathas unite and leave aside personal ego and greed, it would take no time to vanquish the invaders.

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Shivaji Maharaj fulfilled her ambition of 'Swaraj.' Under her tutelage, he conquered many forts and established the Maratha empire. She passed away on June 17, 1674 barely a few days after the coronation of Shivaji

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