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All About Babasaheb Purandare's Janta Raja Play

One very finest portrayal of the Maratha Empire, Jaanta Raja Play defines the true glory and valor of a great Indian warrior king. The hero of  Maratha Empire, Shri. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

The play is considered to be one of the best works of Balwant Moreshwar Purandare or popularly known as Babasaheb Purandare. A writer, historian and theater personality; hailing from Maharashtra. Most of his works narrate real life stories and events related to the life of Shivaji Maharaj. However, it is this play that has earned him immense fame and popularity.

It was in the year 1985 that the act was first staged and thereafter it has been staged for around 1200 times approximately. Apart from reaching every nook and corner of Maharashtra and the country as a whole; this 30 years old play has enthralled many history lovers in different cities of United Kingdom and United States of America as well.

The drama that was originally written in Marathi and later translated into Hindi is generally performed during the festive season of Diwali each year. With over 200 artists and live elephants, camels and horses marching up the stage; this is a real treat to the eyes and a must watch for all!

Such a grand and spectacular representation of rich Indian history as this, required two and a half years to get recorded. And after being rehearsed for another couple of years, this play was launched with such a magnanimous look, that it still continues to be a Mega act till date.

The story goes back to the period of 1630, when Shivaji Maharaj was born. And then continues to depict different events reflecting his journey of becoming a great Hindu ruler and his coronation as Chhatrapati in the year 1674. This 3 hour 10 minutes drama creates a natural feel of various historically significant forts in and around Pune District.

Some say that this act is more about Jijabai, mother of Shivaji and her role in molding one of the finest emperors in Indian history. A lady of substance, patriotism and courage, successfully instilled the love of country in her little son; who then worked to fulfill her dreams of ‘Swarajya’ and thereby became a great ruler and a God like figure for the entire Marathi clan.

Shivaji emerged as a notable ruler, who had moved beyond caste, creed and religious discrimination. And this very representation of his rule in the play is another engrossing ingredient for the audience. People who have been associated with this act for years, say that the real yet simple portrayal of a perfect ruler such as Shivaji is something that inspires people and thus binds them to the play.

Well, weather it is the story, performance, artists or the fat budget it involves, Jaanta Raja is definitely an eternal epic drama very relevant to all times. And in this period of electronic entertainment with TV shows and Internet sources; a theater play that still reigns, definitely has to be the King of all Entertainment and thus a must watch for all!

Jai Bhavani!! Jai Shivaji!! Jai Jijau!!

[Free Download Shivcharitra by Babasaheb Purandare]

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